Anyone out there have any advice/tips about trying to diet a bit while still breastfeeding?

I'm still BFing my 5 month old and plan on nursing for a while, we both love it. I supplement with a bottle of formula some days as my supply isn't great but I pump 3x a day at work, and still nurse him at home and all weekend...

I am ravenous still - I feel like my appetite is out of control! I'd like to lose some weight, 10 lbs maybe, but am nervous to hurt my already not-great-supply. Do I just need to wait? What have you mama's had success doing? What is a good calorie goal while nursing?

I'd like to work out, but, with two kids & a full time job, I'm having a hard time carving that time out for myself.

I'm finding it much harder to lose the belly after this second baby than with the first, but I also feel like I'm SO much more hungry than I usually am.