Unfortunately, my mom has to separate her two nine year old cats, because they've been fighting lately and despite numerous attempts to fix the situation, they just can't live together anymore. (They grew up together since kittens and were fine until the last few months) Anyway, my husband and I decided to take one. The problem is we have a dog and a 16 month old son, so I have no idea how this will work out. We will get her tonight and keep her enclosed in our guest room for at least a few days, but after that I will have to begin the introductions to our dog and our young son.

Anybody been through this? Any advice, tips? I know that it is good to introduce the scents of both the cat and dog to each other before they meet by using blankets. And I know to keep our dog leashed when they meet (he is a sweet dog that loves cats, other dogs and all animals so I'm not worried about him-just the cat).

I'm worried our son will be the hardest since he is at the difficult age to introduce to new animals since he may try to pull at the kitty.

Thanks for any stories/advice!!