So we have the Britax Advocate 70CS, but need a second seat. The Advocate is great, but the air cushions are really more effective for a side install, and she is in the center of our SUV (and we move it from my car to DHs, both of us have SUVs.) Our nanny has a car and it needs to be side installed, so we are giving her the Advocate. Now Im debating whether to get the Marathon or the Boulevard for our car. The Boulevard has additional head protection (which the advocate also has. Its the advocate without the side air cushions) that I find to be very restrictive and intrusive. But then panic sets in when I think about an accident and having the Marathon without that extra head padding. Its just I cant imagine her having to deal with that head restraint until shes out of that seat. Its great for a baby, but as a toddler? Not so much. Liv also HATES the car, so thats not helping any.

Anyways, sorry for the novel, but do any of you have one of these, and do you like it?