So, today while taking a steep curb in my Bugaboo Cameleon, I heard a cracking noise and then the handle flopped down. I have been hearing clicks when I go over curbs occasionally, and this was a big one. It is not catching in the central locking mechanism, to the point where I can move the handle all the way forward, over the seat, so it's in the "off road position" without pressing down the white buttons.

I am frantically trying to find the receipt from purchase (Sept 2014) and hoping I have the extended 3 year warranty (I think I do?)

-Has anyone dealt with this? A non-Bugaboo affiliated repair place said the only thing to do is replace the chassis ($400+) so I hope it's under warranty

-Is it unsafe to use in the meantime? The brake still works, I am just a little concerned about going over curbs. I need my stroller though! We live in the city and walk EVERYWHERE.