Hi All, we thought we could get away with the snap and go for a few months, but ours is a hand-me-down and it kinda sucks. Plus, I ended up with a c-section and can't carry the car seat down the stairs of our apt.

We are currently debating between the Cruz and the Bee. I thought I wanted the City Mini until I saw the Cruz- and fell in love with all the high end features. I like that it is high up, has an infant insert, is light weight and can be both front and back facing. Plus, right now it is 15% off at Right Start.

My Husband is in love with the Bee. It is the lightest weight stroller and it has great suspension. Great for City strolling and to get around local parks.

We live in the City and with carriers this will be my only way to get out with the Baby for the next 6 months on Mat leave. We only have one car and my husband drives to work every day.

Looking for input since I like the Cruz and hubby likes the Bee.