We moved a few weeks ago and while my almost 5yos room is a great size, it’s smaller than his last (which was ridiculously oversized) and he has less room to play (which we like once in a while if he wants to build structures that the 17mo will destroy). We are thinking of getting him a bunk bed - the kind that doesn’t have a bed underneath, it’s instead a desk, bookshelf, etc. and added floor space to play - and some day we could put another twin bed if we wanted to.

Anyone get a bunk bed and seriously regret it? I’m not too worried about his safety. More like making the bed...will my 1.5yo always want to go up too...he never pees at night but if he does will be forget and fall out? 😆

He also currently has a full sized bed, but he has slept in a twin numerous times at my parents and my in-laws and he’s never fallen out.

Mostly it’s making the bed, though. Seems way harder for me and then it’s not a chore he can help me with anymore.

Anyone seriously regret this purchase?