I thought that since there are a few of us needing advice and many who've already gone through this, we could create a mini support group/advice feed, whereby mothers of multiples could answer questions for newly pregnant mothers of multiples.

For Pregnant Mamas:
Name: Marionberry
# of Babies: 2
How Far Along Are You: 8 weeks
Biggest Question You Have: What do you find the hardest about having twins? If you have a single and multiples, what did you find was the biggest difference?
Anything Else: I'd love to know how you and the babies slept for the first few months. I co-slept with my ds but I'm not sure I could co-sleep with two.

For Current Mamas:
# of Babies:
Age of Babies:
Biggest Piece of Advice You Can Offer:
Baby Item You'd Most Recommend for Twins:
Anything Else:

Thanks in advance!