DD absolutely loves water and I wanna be able to hang with her for longer. Temperatures are cool where we live, even during the summer, and the water is usually way too cold for me to stay in for long lengths. Last time we were at the waterpark, there was a long line for wetsuits. It's time for me to buy one!

I've narrowed it down to shorties, perhaps 2-3mm. I really like the font-zipped varieties. I have to buy them online, so I was hoping you all can help me.

In the order of importance

1) Does a wetsuit only work if I'm constantly/fully submerged in water? Like if I'm only wading waist deep most of the time and take a real dip only occasionally, will my torso actually feel colder (as it's wet and drying)?
2) I'd prefer pants, but I have large calves. Will shorts be more comfy?
3) What brand/style is your favorite?

Thanks so much! Here's a beach pic for inspiration