Hi all!

Going back to work in a few months. Just thinking about my weaning options. I need to wean in 3 months. I do shift work (days, afternoons). I know I have to wean but don’t completely want to stop nursing

Is it possible to only keep MOTN feeds (if LO wakes) and maybe a morning feed? I won’t always be there for bedtime because of my shift work. But when I’m on days, can I still nurse at bedtime or will I be dried up from not nursing at bedtime for the 2 weeks I’m on afternoons? Just trying to see what my options are.... I’ll be caring for LO during the day too when I’m on afternoons but I’m assuming I’ll be too dried up to nurse during the day after working days for 2 weeks....

Worst case scenario can I ONLY nurse for MOTN feeds or will my supply be too low?

Also I don’t want to pump at work bc I don’t want to have to worry about it. I don’t respond to a pump well. But I can hand express for comfort if engorged.

Thank you!