My 4.5 years old DS has been day time trained since a zillion years ago... but night time is still a huge problem. For some reason the "night time potty fairy" has never visited us, and he still pretty much has a wet diaper every morning.

Recently I have asked him if he actually wakes up and knows that he needs to go at night, but just pee his pants instead - and he said yes.... together with some excuses in the lines of he is too tired, and he'd not get enough sleep if he goes to the potty. So I really wanted to up the game, We bought cool looking 3D stickers, and he will get one if he wakes up with a dry diaper. School teacher also talk his ear off. Last week he was waking up with a dry diaper every other night as he got up and go pee.

Then somewhere along the line, I don't know what happened, he just gave up. The past two nights he woke up with a wet diaper again.

What would you do? I even bribe him and said if he can remain dry 7 nights in a row we'll take him to the toy store where he will get a toy that he selects as celebration. We'll see what happens. I am very tempted to say you'll get. say. a quarter if you wake up dry (He gets 25 cents a day if he collects enough stars for good behavior. $1.5 if he folds his laundry all by himself, which seldom happens). but i am not sure if this is something I want to to tie money to...

Any advice?????? Anyone struggle with the same thing ? When do they realize naturally that it is disgusting just peeing inside your pants even though you are very sleepy?