DS is now 2.5 and we have been wanting to potty train for awhile. I have prepped by reading a lot of the HB archives and board topics and we have been talking to him about it too. We started this weekend and we are letting him run around naked and encouraging him to drink lots of water/juice. So far this morning he has had 4 successes and 0 accidents, which is extremely encouraging and he is running to the potty by himself each time he has to go. I'm hoping he will also poop in the potty while we are training this weekend.

My question, and I didn't see much in the archives, is what do you do about nap/night time? I'm in no hurry to get him out of diapers for either, but how does it work? Does your child just naturally start holding it in their sleep? Do they need to have a few accidents in bed to figure it out? Do they wear pull ups or diapers until they are much older? DS usually naps 2-3 hours in the afternoon and has no problems STTN 11-12 hours. Any input or general tips would be great. Thanks!