My son will be three in 3 weeks. He's been without diapers at home everyday and all night for at least a month now. We were allowing him to use diapers at nap time at school for about 2 weeks. We had Christmas break and while home we stopped using the nap diaper as well. However, he has only used the potty at school once and that was when I took him to the bathroom. This morning I took him and he went at school, but was initially a little reluctant. Subsequently he refused to go the rest of the morning and soiled himself during nap time. I asked the teacher to wake him up and take him to the potty but he went before they attempted to wake him. Any advice on how to get him to go at school? I'm not putting him back in diapers. It seems counterproductive, but I'm sure that is what the teacher wants me to do. Help!