My 19mo has been obsessed with the potty for the past two months, often asking us to mime his stuffed animals going potty or even holding him over the potty to pretend and go through the motions. He started Montessori at the beginning of January and has been loving it. His second week there, he asked the teachers if he could use the potty like the other kids. They helped him take off his pants twice that week when he asked to go potty, and he did both times! He did it once the following week after nap time. This morning, he came over and told me he'd gone #2 in his diaper and asked to use the potty. I brought him over, took off the diaper, and held him on the potty (we haven't bought a little potty yet, thinking we had time). He finishing going #2 in the potty, I wiped, and he flushed and washed his hands!

I'm wondering if this is a window that we should be taking advantage of to potty train. He's clearly starting to understand the concept. My only hesitation was that I was going to give him more time between adjusting to school and potty training. We're also dealing with a tough stretch of sleep right now, with lots of crying at bedtime and early wake-ups at 5-5:30 every single morning that we can't seem to crack (I think he's overstimulated and overtired when he comes home from school because he's still adjusting).

Thoughts? Is it go time for potty training? Hold off a bit longer?