So my 3 year old is daytime and, for the most part, naptime potty trained. She sometimes wakes up with a semi full pull up in the morning. But lately she has been waking us up to take her to the potty at night. I'm so proud of her for doing this, but it is getting a little tiring. Especially because we have a 9 month old who sometimes might wake at night as well!
Now this is partially my fault because I have not transitioned her to a toddler bed yet. I've been stalling on that but the time seems to have arrived! My question is if anyone has tips on how to train her to go at night by herself? She knows how to open her door now and goes to potty by herself all the time. My concern is the "dark" factor and her not being scared. I thought of getting her the skip hop take along night light and set up night lights to help her see at night but I'm not confident if it will work. Or do we just ride this out till she is able to not go all night? What did you do if anyone has has this same issue. Thanks!