I'm not sure what kind of floors I have. Our house is just over 10 years old. I assume floors are whatever the house was built with. They are not tile, maybe linoleum? I really have no idea.

They are dirty! I will scrub them on my hands and knees, and I feel like it's never good enough. Now that my son is crawling and walking, I want them to be clean.

I have a bunch of melamine sponges, which are basically a magic eraser. I'm wondering if I use those lightly on the floors to really get the dirt, if it's going to damage them?

I've attached a picture of what the floor of look like. The seem/grout/whatever feels like it's just part of the floor, when I feel over it I do feel a slight Ridge, but it feels the same as the material of the floor, so I'm assuming it's just one piece.

You can also see near the right where its scratched/cut/dented.