Ok, back again! While things are starting to show improvement with sleep training my baby (8 m/o girl), I'm now wondering how long her sleep regression will last.

Already it's been going on since about 3 months of age. She used to have naps for a good 2 hours, or at least a solid hour. But ever since the dreaded 4 month sleep regression, it's been awful! Is it typical to last 4 months or longer? Or perhaps it's over lapping in to the 9 month regression? I also theorize that perhaps it's because I've just been on the road of least resistance (letting her nap on me in the carrier, etc.) that is the culprit in her STILL being a famous 15 minute napper. Whatever it is, I'd love to hear your regression stories and tips while I sleep train her on this 3rd day.

* Also if you're curious, we're doing modified CIO atm. She goes to sleep rather fast in her crib with less crying now, but once she hits 15 minutes, she's up and won't settle back in. Oy.