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Can your parents handle your LO(s) for a week?

  1. jhd

    coconut / 8079 posts

    I would leave him with my parents but I would not with my ILs until he is much older.

  2. fancyfunction

    grapefruit / 4085 posts

    Yes - so far the longest my parents have had her was 4 days. My MIL could handle it too but she wouldn't be able to physically get her out of her apt. until she's older and can walk up and down numerous flights of stairs on her own. Which is why I don't like to do multiple days at MIL's place.

  3. genarator

    grape / 81 posts

    Both sets could but they wouldn't.

  4. Mae

    papaya / 10343 posts

    My mom could if we really needed her to but we wouldn't leave our LO yet (she's only 5 mo). I'd still be a bit worried bc she is so fussy about eating and sleep, but she's better with my mom than most so I'm sure after an adjustment period it would be okay. My dad could help, sorta, except my LO is terrified of him at the moment so that'd be challenging lol.

    FIL-- HELL NO.

    MIL-- Hm. I mean, LO would survive I'm sure... I guess. But she makes me a little nervous because she isn't really up to date on current safety stuff (like when LO was a newborn she told me to rest a burp cloth on her face to get her to sleep/keep her asleep). it's that sort of stuff that like, 99 times out of 100 it would prob be fine, but it would still make me really nervous.

  5. Astro Bee

    pear / 1503 posts

    @Mae: oh my gosh, where did she come up with that? That would make me more than a little nervous, too! LO isn't quite here yet, but already my MIL and mom have made me a bit nervous with their "parents today are overly concerned with safety. You kids turned out fine." TBH, that was mostly my MIL, but my mom went along with it.

  6. Mae

    papaya / 10343 posts

    @Astro Bee: lol way to revive a super old thread but yea i dunno where she got that! my mom is the exact opposite... she is WAY more paranoid than I am. she is constantly concerned that LO is cold. Or that she is going to choke. ON A PEA. lol or that she is going to manage to tip our dining room table over on herself (???). Or whatever. But I know LO would be safe with her... she might come home with some new custom made bubble wrap sleepers

  7. Rockies11

    persimmon / 1363 posts

    my mom yes, but she wouldn't want to. My dad doesn't even like to watch her when I go to the bathroom.

    My MIL would love to, but I would worry about a week because she gets totally exhausted and hysterical from working part time as a receptionist, so I am not sure she has the stamina.

    My FIL never took care of any of his kids and his GF never had kids, and they seem to know 0 things about kids, and they aren't especially interested in kids so I wouldn't be comfortable leaving her for an afternoon, let alone a week.

  8. HLK208

    pineapple / 12234 posts

    Both sets could not...
    My parents are okay with 2/3 of the kids for a few days but way too frazzled with all 3.

    My IL's...no, just no.

  9. ILoveLettie

    kiwi / 566 posts

    My parents are for 2 weeks in May while I'm in Israel for grad school. I'm nervous about being away from her that long and missing her terribly but I know they'll do great. I mean they raised me decently My mom has always been awesome with her and has done some overnights and my dad is getting a lot more confident and good with her as she gets older (my mom did most of the little baby stage with my sister and I and he really stepped up when we were toddlers.) My MIL absolutely could as well, though she works ft during the week. She's taken L for a few weekends before and is awesome. L is very attached to her. FIL couldn't; he's only watched her once for a few hours. He loves her but babies really overwhelm him. I don't think he was very hands on with his two and that my MIL really single handedly raised them.

  10. Modern Daisy

    grapefruit / 4187 posts

    My parents - no way. Which is unfortunate since we up and moved closer to them hoping to have more help. My Mom sabatoged me last week when both DH and I were traveling for work, claiming she could watch DS for 24 hours (i even hired a nanny to help her) then bailing at the last second.

    IL's - absolutely. Too bad they live far away

  11. lamariniere

    pineapple / 12566 posts

    Both sets could, but I would have to resign myself to the fact that eating (at MIL's) and screen time (at dad's) would not follow my rules.

  12. My Only Sunshine

    persimmon / 1129 posts

    We'll see in a couple months when we take our first child-free vacation since LO was born! Each set of grandparents is taking her for 3 nights.

    She's already had a few overnights with both sets. Mostly because we don't have cable at our house, so when we ask them to babysit at night, they always offer to just keep her overnight at their house so they don't have to be bored at our house!

  13. Dandelion

    watermelon / 14206 posts

    My parents, yes. No way for my inlaws.

  14. Ree723

    grapefruit / 4819 posts

    Absolutely for both sets of grandparents! They are all wonderful, caring grandparents who love spending time with their grandkids and we would have absolutely zero concerns about any of them watching our girls for a week or two. They watch all of their grandchildren when they can (we're all spread out across the globe) and would jump at the chance to watch any of them.

  15. krispi

    clementine / 911 posts

    I'm still pregnant, but I'm sure my parents could handle it. They watch my 2 year old nephew a lot and have kept him while my brother and SIL have gone out of town.

    My MIL, I'm not sure yet. She's really excited about the baby, but it's been a long time since she's had a baby around, and I do worry about her memory sometimes. I do trust her to keep the baby for shorter periods of time, but I'm not sure if a week would be too much for her yet. We'll see once the baby gets here.

  16. Mrs. Train

    blogger / pomegranate / 3300 posts

    Both sets have watched the kids for a weekend. They are usually tired by the end but they could do a week. They would just be completely exhausted afterwards. I don't blame them for that though I have been perpetually tired for the last seven years.

  17. Ginabean3

    pomegranate / 3401 posts

    Both sides- yes! They have each watched her overnight for 2 consecutive nights before and completely dote on her. She's an easy kiddo though....loves her sleep, eats anything, very friendly! They would LOVE to watch her for 5 days or more!

  18. Mrs. Pen

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21616 posts

    Possibly. My mom would probably get pretty tired- so I'd wait until he is school age and more independent.
    I'd also probably have my parents watch him for a few days and ask my sister for the other couple days. My best friend has also offered to watch him overnight

  19. SugarplumsMom

    bananas / 9227 posts

    ILs: yes
    My mom: not without the help of my ex-mil!

  20. loveisstrange

    pineapple / 12526 posts

    My parents currently have C for the week.... so I'll say yes.

  21. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25556 posts

    Neither of them know how to do the carseat so right now I say no.

  22. sandy

    cantaloupe / 6687 posts

    my parents - yes (my mom specifically, my dad could not do it solo)

    My inlaws - yes (my FIL could do it alone but not my MIL bc she's had a stroke)

  23. littlejoy

    pomegranate / 3375 posts

    My mom - Most likely to not kill my child! They would follow a lot of our parenting preferences, but unless I send a week's worth of food, they'd be stumped.

    My dad - No way. He's too lazy.

    My FIL - Meh, probably not. He smokes a lot, and is relatively unobservant. He's also 60, and would never volunteer!

    My MIL - Would never happen. She's a heavy (in-home) smoker, drinks a ton, and would purposefully go against our wishes "just to see".

  24. littlejoy

    pomegranate / 3375 posts

    I wonder what our spouses would say?? Ha.


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