This is our first winter in the suburbs when we are actually driving a lot, so suddenly all this winter coat warnings and advice are relevant! My 3.5 year old needs all new winter gear. Her preschool goes out in the playground every day unless it's raining or below 25 degrees. I pick her up directly from the playground.

So two questions really- is there a winter coat that would be warm enough to play outside in the snow in, but also thin enough to wear in the car? She has a warm fleece that's her usual car coat but it's not warm enough for playground play. Preferably one that doesn't cost a million dollars...

And, given that I pick her up straight from the playground (which is really convenient in terms of not having to take my younger one out of the car at all since it's right next to the parking lot!) I can't put her in the car with her snow pants still on, right? I need to remove boots and coat and snow pants just to buckle her in?

Just popping her in the stroller last winter was so much easier! Oh and we are in New England. So, it gets cold and they are predicting a lot of snow. But when it's super bitter cold we just won't go out much.