My DS and DD are just shy of being two years apart. My DS is currently in a britax boulevard convertible car seat and DD in the infant car seat. I was just preparing ahead and was originally looking into getting a convertible for DD when she grows out of the infant car seat. But now I'm thinking that I should just get a front facing/booster combination car seat for my DS and move DD into his convertible seat. And then she'll eventually get her own front facing/booster?

What's confusing to me is that his current convertible holds up to 70 lbs which made me think that it would last for many years since he's no where near that weight. But I looked again and height wise, he's almost at the max for the convertible so at some point, I'm going to need to get him a new seat anyway. So I might as well get him a new seat now and pass his on to his sister.

Hope all of that made sense. For those who have two kids, what is your car seat set up like as they got older?