So, one of my bridesmaids and a friend since middle school is getting married in June in a Caribbean destination with level 2 Zika classification. While i knew it would likely be expensive and difficult to attend (child care), I'd planned to try to swing it (because I want to be there, but also because I worry that she wouldn't be very understanding if I wasn't). As background, our friendship has suffered quite a bit since I had kids (~3 years ago) and she has been in a different life stage.

Well, I finally looked at costs and found it's going to be ~$2,500 for me to attend solo (which includes leaving my husband at home and splitting a room with another friend). On top of that, my husband and I have been talking about TTC for a third (not now but in the nearish future) and I feel like this complicates matters as well (on a separate note, my husband has travel to Mexico planned for work which I'm also not happy about for Zika reasons).

What would you do about the wedding? Technically I can afford it, but ouch - that is going to hurt the bank account. It doesn't seem fair to expect people to spend that kind of money to attend your wedding. Perhaps she'll be more understanding than I expect. Just feels like we are on thin ice already, and this may break it.