Ok, ladies, I need some input. When I registered over a year ago, there wasn't this new recommendation that you keep your LO rear facing until they're 2. At least not that I knew of. Anyway, while registering, my mom suggested a particular convertible carseat. My brother and his fiance had it for their little guy and were very happy with it. I was lucky enough to receive it as a shower gift.
Fast forward to recently when my little guy decided he hates the infant seat. We decided to go ahead and install the convertible. We tried and tried and got irrationally angry that it wouldn't install correctly. It required it to be fully reclined if he is rear facing and under 22 lbs. I have a small SUV and had to have my passenger seat completely pulled forward to have this thing fit. That's not going to fly!
So, my question is - should we sell the seat and buy a new one that will fit. Or should we just forward face him at 1 (he's almost 10 months). I know that the new thing is to rear face until 2. My peditrician says it's recommended, but the law is still 1. What would you all do?