So my husband and I are TTA right now, but we had an accident on CD8. According to my chart attached, there's minimal chances of conception because my ovulation temp increase happened 7 days later (and sperm survive up to 5 days). I've been researching a TON though since then and have been pretty obsessive about my chart and temps. I have never been pregnant. I have not been showing signs of pregnancy (I think). The only weird things that have happened this month - cold (I never get sick), several canker sores (I get them when stressed, but I wasn't at that time), VERY sore boobs for a couple days (could be due to PMS), and a headache for about a week or a little more (around ovulation and past ovulation). I did get a small cold this month (coughing, sneezing, runny/stuffy nose), but started to feel better on 6 DPO. Since I'm feeling better now, the increase after ovulation surprises me. I've never had this increase before since I started charting in July/August last year (using TempDrop), and my temps have NEVER been this high before. What are the chances this triphasic increase is due to illness (but after I started to really feel better) or early pregnancy? I've been taking a pregnancy test since DPO 7 (early I know) and they've all been negative, but I know that doesn't mean anything. Yes, I'm obsessing, just wanted some opinions from people more knowledgable than me on this subject. I know non-pregnant women also have triphasic charts, but it's 3x more likely in pregnant women. I've just never had a triphasic cycle yet in my charting and never temps this high.