Has anyone here gone with the Chicco Liteway Plus instead of starting with a Snap n' Go and moving to an umbrella stroller later on?

We have a Britax B-Ready that we will use for daily walks and long outdoor outings, so I am looking at this as a stroller for errands and travel. One the things I like about this stroller is when LO reaches around 6 months we can just bring this on trips (we travel to see family every 4-6 weeks) and either attach his carseat or let him sit in the umbrella stroller.

If you have the Liteway Plus what do you think of it? The basket seems a little small to me (especially compared to the Snap n Go), but does this matter to you? How does the stroller handle with and without a carseat in it? Do you like it as an umbrella stroller? Do you think it is difficult to change from a carseat caddy to an umbrella stroller? Any opinions on it would be greatly appreciated