So I need to go back to work in 3 weeks and LO will be 2.5mo old. I only need childcare for the 7 weeks until summer break, so a SAHM friend offered to watch him. We were really happy about this plan for a couple reasons: friendship, more personal, use cloth diapers, not having to cancel/withdraw from daycare after the 7 weeks, half the price of daycare (!) etc. But there are logistical complications - we have to give her some baby gear, and pick up is at a different time & place almost every day.

However, I just realized last night that the current TDAP vaccine booster recommendation is to get it every 5 years or so, since it's less effective than previously thought. DH & grandparents got it, but I forgot to ask my friend, so I texted her about it last night asking her to check with her doctor. She has two kids, ages 5 and 7, so I figured/hoped it wouldn't be an issue.

She texted back this morning a long, supportive, kind text but said, "I understand your concern and I'll look into it, but I can't commit to a shot at this time. I'd rather talk with you about it on the phone. However, the bigger picture is, this has concerned me that I might not be able to provide the level of care you desire."

Uh oh. So there's a good chance it seems that she won't get the booster (even if she's out of date), and it raises the possibility that her kids aren't vaccinated. I know, I guess I should have asked earlier, I didn't realize. If her kids aren't vaxxed, that makes my decision clear, I'll do daycare. But what if her kids are fully up to date but she's not? Is this a deal breaker, for the 7 weeks? I know which way I'm leaning, but I'm an anxious overworrier so I have a hard time assessing true risk.

The alternative is daycare, which has fully vaxxed infants but who knows about the daycare workers. I don't think they're required to be up to date, either. So it might be equal risk. For double the cost, but less logistical issues.