Ok you guys I need a working mom pep talk, I'm about done with tears for the week and I feel so frustrated.

We recently moved, and as part of our relocation, we decided it made sense to transition our 19 month old to a center-based daycare. He's was previously cared for by a nanny from 2 months - 18 months. We thought daycare would be a) a way for him to socialize; b) cheaper, so we could save some cash money (cha-ching!); c) easier than going though the nanny finding and interviewing process.

We're in week two of daycare and I'm about ready to loose it. The daycare is right next to both of our works and came recommended by colleagues. He's terribly sick, which I knew would happen, but I wasn't really cognizent of how stressful finding backup care would be. It's my second week at my new job and I needed to take a sick day already, and we've been calling in the family troops to handle the other days this week.

He's crying at drop off, which I also knew would happen, but I didn't know how hard it would be to hear it. One of my biggest stresses is that when he was with his nanny I knew he was playing outside at least 50% of the time - at the daycare center, they go on one walk once a day. Otherwise they are inside. That seems so cooped up for a toddler!

Finally, while the teacher who runs the room is great, she's not there at pick up (we do 7:45-5:15, and she works 7 - 4). That means we don't get to talk with her about how the day went. It stresses me out that he's not with the same person all day.

Is it crazy to pull the plug after two weeks and try to find a nanny again? How to other people handle this? It seems like so far all there are is downsides to daycare - 19 month old isn't going to be like "mom, I met awesome friends!".

Ugh, pep talk? Should I stick it out? Or is the stress not worth whatever monetary savings we get?