I have a 2yo son and we are thinking about TTC for #2 in the next few months. In the meantime, I have to sort out LO's daycare for next September because the contracts and $900 deposit are due at the end of April for our current center.

I am considering two options (continue at current daycare center full time or switch to a nanny and nursery school combo). I've made pro and con lists for both options and they basically even out. The one unknown is that I have no idea what situation would be preferable if I end up on a maternity leave next year. So, I'm asking you for opinions!

What option would you have preferred during the first 6 months home with your second child?

Option 1: LO#1 at full time daycare while home with newborn. This means I'd have to get newborn and toddler out the door each morning to drop him off and pick him up, but then I'd be home alone with infant for the day.

Option 2: Nanny and LO#1 are home with me and infant for most of the day. Nanny takes LO#1 to nursery school for 2 hours a day/three days a week but other than that, we are all in the house together.

Of course there are many other factors I have to weigh but I'm just curious to hear the experiences of those that have done this already. Any advice is greatly appreciated!