I'm starting to plan Fiona's first birthday party for the end of September and with the size of my family and the friends we want to include its go big or go home.

We're having the party at our home and i've come up with 4 options that seem do-able.

A berry first birthday - Strawberries
Pros: I already have some strawberry serving pieces and a loose menu of BBQ, Comfort foods,
Cons: She still hasn't even tasted a strawberry, what if she's allergic. Can't find a cute Starwberry outfit

Rainbow/Art party
Pros: super cute ideas for invites, favors, cake etc. Gender nuetral for boy guests
Cons: maybe a better theme when she's a few years older

Pros: I've thrown a lot of luaus in my day i have a lot of decor i could use
Cons: a bit off season, again might be a good theme to use in a few years

Tickled Pink
Pros: lots of decor, loose enough that i could incorporate a lot of ideas
Cons: her poor little boy playmates