Hi ladies!

I think there's a few more of us since the last thread was really going. In an effort to be more inclusive can we give a brief summary of our LOs situation, and then dive into whatever is going on in your world these days?

My DS2 (D) is 1.5yo, was 8 weeks premature and had a brain injury at birth - it appears that the "only" long term affects are mild CP affecting his oral skills. He relies on a feeding tube, gets regular immune IV boosts, and has short gut syndrome.

D's 1 year early intervention testing/eval is under way, his OT started going through the categories at her last visit. He actually scored at the 18m level for gross motor skills which is a big deal! His self-help (ie oral skills) are behind, 12-18m but that's not surprising to me. He has a few garbled words here and there, including dada, mama, anna (means big brother, what he calls K), yeah, cracker (of course, cracker!), woof, go go go, car car... I think that's about it

How's everyone doing? Happy it's almost spring?