Has anyone made the decision to circumcise one son but not the other(s)?

We had DS circumcised before we left the hospital. Honestly, I didn't even research circumcision. It's very popular in the south and I didn't question doing it.

We're now expecting DS2. After researching, I don't see any reason to do it and we're leaning towards not circumcising. A small part of me is worried about DS2 feeling different because DS1 and DH are both circumcised. I also don't want DS1 to feel like he was "wronged" in any way. I know those two things are probably not going to be an issue but its still a thought I've had.

If you didn't circumcise, is it easy to keep things clean? With DS, we had a very easy recovery and healing process. We never had any issues with care or cleaning. DH & I both are concerned about the care that comes with an uncircumcised penis. We have zero experience with it. Does it require extra care outside of normal bathing?

I don't mean for this thread to become hurtful in anyway. I don't necessarily regret our decision and I don't care if someone else chooses circumcision. My only regret is not researching the first time around regardless of the decision we made.