I think I am finally willing to admit that I am done with my cloth diapers at 10m.. I feel like the odds were stacked against me having the worlds biggest baby! We used them from when his circ was healed around 2 weeks to 6m almost all the time, and then he outgrew his all in ones! Almost 10-15lbs ahead of what the upper weight requirement said. I invested way too much money to try to get something new at this point. I have some flats and prefolds that work, but I have slowly used them less and less, and they aren't convenient enough to compel me to continue. And being this part time means I barely have enough to do laundry once a week and that's too long in my opinion. I did sell a few styles I didn't like at a garage sale for a ridiculously low price, but the rest I am saving for baby number 2 someday!

I feel kinda bad! Anyone else a cloth diaper drop out?