We are going to attempt cloth diapering. We already have a couple packs of newborn and size 1 disposables for the very beginning, anticipating some trial and error and not wanting to do extra laundry for a while.

I've slowly been buying used cloth diapers either from friends or from a local b/s/t group but I'm wondering if I have enough. I've got a variety of brands so we can figure out what might work best for us before we buy any systems or spend money on new cloth.

I have:
- One Grovia and one Tot Bots newborn diaper, both AIOs
- 4 gDiapers, size small
- 3 Thirsties AIOs, size one
- 3 Applecheeks envelope covers, size 1
- 2 Blueberry pocket diapers, one size
- 1 Thirties AIO, size medium
- 2 gDiapers, size large
- 5 Cloth-Eez Workhorse diapers, size small
- 4 Flip covers
- 1 Thirsties duo wrap cover
- 1 Bummis cover, size small
- 1 Bummis cover, size medium
- 2 covers unsure of size or brand
- TONS of prefolds
- About 10 inserts and 10 doublers

I realize we will need diapers in bigger sizes but I figure we'll get those later once we have figured out what works for us and baby and baby is a bit older.

Is this enough to start out with?