Thinking about getting some new cloth diapers for my 32 lb big chunky 18m old. He's in size 6 and has been for months. He outgrew his OS AIO diapers before age 1! He briefly started fitting in them again when he was walking, but they are just a little too tight and I don't feel comfortable with squeezing him into them : (

Now I have a few covers, some prefolds, some flats, and a few random inserts that I was thinking of trying at least part time. Especially since he's pushing the limits on his target diapers, which have been our favorite. Ive been trying out different disposable diapers to see if I can find some that work better, and even ordered some size 7 pamper cruisers which fit ok...I just feel like if I am gonna be spending more maybe I might invest in some more cloth.
I was thinking:
-buying some wider prefolds that I could actually fasten with snappi, and maybe a couple new covers
-buying g diapers in size XL and trying to make either old prefolds or flats work as inserts
-getting something else completely new that I don't know about?

any advice?