(I'm trying to distract myself from Tuesday's election, so I'm shooting for the fluffiest post I can manage).

My mother wants to buy me an outfit of my choice. Shoes, top, pants. I would normally go out shopping, but am staying in. Buying on-line is not my favorite because I don't know how things will fit, but I want to give it a shot.

I dress fairly plainly. Mostly I SAH (well, I work on-line in my PJs as well, but in terms of clothing, I don't have a job to dress for). I love sweaters, but also have an abundance of them. I like to wear boots, but I have two solid pairs--they're high, though, and I'd be interested in a pair of shorter boots if I knew what to wear them with.

So, mostly I'm looking for people to tell me their favorites--brands, individual items, why you like them? I'd love to have a better start than typing "women's tops" into google.