I don't really know where to stop or end with this, but DH and I have had a very rough year since our LO2 was born. Our marriage has been rocked, and we kinda hit a breaking point in the past week, and came to some realizations that our problems are secondary and the root is since we became parents, for the past 3 years his anxiety has been building, issues with feeling like he isn't good at being a dad, thus causing fights with us if he withdrawals, then not feeling like good husband, more fighting, round and round we go. Before we had our 2nd we were able to build in more breaks.

Not to say that I don't have my own issues, but he started individual therapy last week and it seems they agree that he is experiencing depression/anxiety for first time in life do to the life transitions.

It has been really hard to co-parent lately, because let's face it, our kids cry and tantrum a lot, and within 5mi of disagreement, it's been triggering his anxiety/panic attacks.

Has anyone been through this? How do you manage your anxiety co-parenting when your spouse is having issues keeping him from operating at 100%? I've always gotten upset in the past, but I've adjusted my mindset to realize this isn't about me or the kids, and I'm trying to take on more and more until we get these issues sorted through. He's always been the rock in our relationship so this is new for me.