A friend was describing some interesting parenting practices that some friends of hers use in their home. Apparently there's a book about the parenting style and I'd love to look into it for myself but would rather not ask her to ask her friends. I get the impression the book might be old. It sounds kinda like "Bringing up Bebe" in the sense that it's based around the author's observations of a community (maybe a tribe somewhere??).

Anyway, it emphasizes learning through observation versus instruction. They don't instruct their kids at all, but would move them out of a situation if necessary. Kids are not made to brush their teeth, etc. I think another tenet is that the parents don't play with the kids so that they learn to entertain themselves and recognize the different positions of adults and kids. Oh and their kids never wear diapers! Somehow they know when to put the babies to pee and poop!

Anyone familiar with what book this might be from???