So my last day at my former job was Aug 1. The CFO there told me that my health insurance coverage would continue through 8/31. My first day at my new job was 8/18; I'm not applicable for their health insurance until 9/1.

I just got my COBRA letter stating that my health insurance was dropped on 8/1. Great. Even if I could enroll now I don't think it would be active until 9/1at the earliest?

I had a pregnancy checkup on 8/20. Awesome. My ob/gyn bills globally so I don't *think* it will be an issue but I'm annoyed. I had a hunch that something would be f'd up with my insurance so I cancelled my NT scan that was scheduled on 8/21; right now I'm glad they did (that's diagnostic and a separate bill).

Anyway, anyone have any insight on COBRA that might be helpful? Thanks.