So I'm a little concerned about a situation at daycare, and I think I need to talk to the director about it. This morning, A's teacher (in the infant room) was telling me and another mom that there is a woman who lives across the street from the daycare that has started harassing the staff, parents, and even the kids. During the day, they have to close their blinds in the infant room and the 2s because she's coming over and looking in the windows, taking pictures, and giving the finger to the staff and the kids! She sits on a chair in her front yard and stares into the windows. She harasses parents if they park their car in the street in front of her house (there is a parking lot at the daycare but it is small and fills up quickly). The teacher said that they're getting curtains for the classrooms, and during the day they keep the lights off so she can't see inside (I thought they were turning them off just for dimmer lighting to encourage sleep). I'm geniunely concerned about this woman's behavior and worried about the kids' safety! I'm pretty sure it's illegal for her to be taking pictures of the kids, and I think the police should be contacted, but it doesn't sound as if that's happened. At the very least, a letter should be sent to the parents making them aware that the school knows this is happening and that they are addressing it. To me, putting up curtains just sounds like a bandaid, and this has the potential to ramp up. How should I address this with the administration??