My potty training adventure continues.

So, LO (2 years 8 months) is now "day-trained" - he wears underwear during daytime except for naps and bedtime. He has a strong preference of using his toilet at home ONLY.

Since he started wearing underwear to school, he would use the potty throughout the day, but will NOT use the potty once he sees me. His thinking was he wants to hold it until he got home and use the potty at home. Even if he literally took me to the bathroom at school, took off his pants, he would not pee a drop and say he's done. We are not far from our home but there are a lot of traffic in our area. So he would have an accident in the car 40-50% of the time in the car after pick up To him, having an accident in the car is worth it for him to use the potty at home instead of school

He is also that way when we go out. After a few weekends of OK to use the potty outside, he had reverted to trying to hold it for hours until we get home

So everyday he'd be screaming he needs to go home and pee pee in the car. I worry about his health of always holding pee.

I talked to the director and she said I can call them 5 minutes before pickup so they can take him to potty right before I arrive. That's a temporary solution. I hope, as we haven't tried it yet (will call today at pickup)

I just wanted to ask if anyone had such an issue before, and please tell me that it will eventually ends? And when will it end?