I'm thinking ahead here, so I have time to research and maybe buy on Black Friday. I am going to need to buy 3-4 seats in the next year or so. We have 3 cars that we use regularly. Anyway, I was planning that when LO2 outgrows her infant seat, we'll move her into the Graco extend-2-fit convertibles we have, rearfacing. Then we will have to buy LO1 new seats. He will be 3. He is tall for his age. There are 2 SUVs and 1 standard sedan in the mix.

I could do either 3 more graco ,extend-2-fits and keep him rearfacing, or 3 high back boosters (maybe combo ones??) I am open to turning him around at that point. But honestly, high back boosters look uncomfy, with little incline or cushioning! What's the rough price estimate on them? The extend-2-fits are usually about $150 on sale, and I have time to wait.

ETA: I'm trying to understand the pros and cons of convertibles vs. combos/high-back boosters, especially in a forward facing situation. I'm not sure if we will be forward facing him at that point but it is a definite possibility.