Is anyone else concerned about short term or long term local/global food security and supply chains? It was honestly one of the first things I worried about when things started to escalate back in Feb/Mar, but anytime I’ve mentioned it to family members they more or less say I’m worrying over nothing.

I’m in Ontario, Canada, and although the consistent message from all levels of government has been that there is enough food, I’m also hearing/reading more and more about farmers dumping their milk, meat processing plants shutting down or drastically reducing production due to Covid outbreaks amongst workers and/or unsafe working conditions, countries restricting food exports, etc. Plus, I know here in Ontario many farms/farmers rely on migrant labour to plant and harvest fruit and vegetable crops, and apparently there are concerns that those workers won’t get here (on time) this year due to border restrictions, or that housing them will be too expensive or simply problematic due to social distancing and/or mandatory isolation/quarantine requirements.

So, just wondering if I’m truly overthinking it, or if there really is something to worry about, whether sooner or later. Curious what others think...?