I am a regular poster but going anonymous because I'm a little freaked out about this situation. Just looking to how other people would react.
Yesterday, DH and I and our 2 kids were meeting up after he got out of work. He showed up late because just after I got off the phone with him to discuss the timing a guy walked up to him and asked if he had any naked pictures of his wife and his phone and if not, did he want any? WTF!?! I guess DH got away from the guy and immediately reported it to HR. DH does not usually work with this guy but had to for a little while yesterday. I guess one time the kids and I stopped into the office and he made some kind of obnoxious but ultimately benign comment to DH about me . I do not remember meeting him and although he does not live near us, I would not recognize him if I did see him around. What are your thoughts? Crazy stalker or just an obnoxious comment?