So...DD is 6.5 Months. She is great with head control and just started rolling like crazy. When I went back to work around 4 mos I started giving her formula before bed and got some nice stretches of sleep out of her. Nothing has been consistent though.

Heres where we are. Current schedule is 2-3-4 on weekends....weekdays are hard because he naps at daycare are few and short (just too much noise I think). She is generally happy thought. 9:30am Bottle (5oz); Noon Cereal and Fruit/Veg; 2:30pm bottle (5oz); 4:30 Cereal Veg/Fruit; 7-8pm bottle (formula - she takes sometimes 4oz sometimes 7oz). The morning is unpredictable. Sometimes she nurses at 5am, sometimes at 7am. Her weight gain has been good (7lbs3oz at birth; 16lbs 1oz at 6mos).

She likes to sleep on her side and back. She occasionally will get on to her tummy and be ok but usually she does not like it. Right now - the main reason I have to go into her room is a lost binky. She cant quite find it - she can put it in if she does find it. We leave three in the crib just in case!

This weekend she started rolling like a mad woman - and therefore is not bumping all over her crib and waking herself up. Last night this went on from midnight until 4am. At 4am I finally swaddled her (she is in a halo - I usually just wrap her tummy, no arms) and she passed right out.

Question I put the bumpers back in her crib (I removed them when she started to "move around" in her crib) to prevent the bumping/waking up. Or do I swaddle her arms. Or do I do nothing? There are no-no's to all situations....I'm feeling at a loss...