I need some help! We thought my son was ready for a toddler bed because he was climbing in and out-usually during th day and playing. But recently he climbed out after his nap and once in the morning- coming to our room. His room is carpeted and we have a gate on the stairs, but we figured it was time (he will be 3 in October). Anyway- he did not nap the first day but slept at night. Basically- naptime has become a complete mess and I am miserable trying to get him to stay in his room/bed. It’s horrible. He needs a nap- the afternoons are awful when he doesn’t nap- he is a mess and will fall asleep in the car if we go anywhere. He was taking 2-3 hour naps in his crib before all of this. All of this to say- can I turn it back into a crib? Any advice?