LO is 6 months, which I think seems a bit early to go to 2 naps but not sure how else to make this work. She usually has about a 1.5 hours nap in the morning from 8:30 or 9 till 10 or 10:30 (ish). This is the good part bc she used to take 3-4 catnaps a day. She's ready for her second nap around 1-1:30 but she only sleeps 45 minutes or so for this one. She ends up tired again between 4-5 and takes a short nap again, but then she's not tired again until close to 8:00 (bedtime used to be around 7). I've tried getting her to get back to sleep after that first afternoon nap, but she wakes up happy and ready to go. I wouldn't mind the later bedtime as much, but she acts tired yet fights going down. We have been just letting her play some more after our first attempt at bedtime fails. It works okay but feel like if she could just take a longer afternoon nap, bedtime would be a lot easier.

Anyone else have this happen?