Ok, this is a strange post for me to write and I'm a little embarrassed. However, DH had a health scare recently and one of the ways that will help him heal is by not drinking any alcohol for a really long time. Now, we're not huge drinkers that get blasted every night but alcohol has always been a part of our relationship. By this, I mean that we enjoy making craft cocktails to pair with a new dish. We enjoy pairing wine with our food and have started collecting bottles that we love. DH's dream has been to open a brewery. Essentially, we genuinely enjoy the flavor of alcohol but rarely over indulge.

So now I'm struggling with how to plan future date nights. We used to do the usual going out for dinner and then maybe to a new brewery or cocktail bar. I guess I'm asking for recommendations from people who don't drink, what do you do for date nights? It's easy to still go to dinner but then what? I'm so not creative. It would be easier if it was the summer but I live in Illinois so it's cold out right now!

The funny thing is that we have 2 kids so obviously I've been pregnant 2x and abstained from booze but I was so tired all the time, we really didn't have many date nights. And when we did, they didn't last that long.