So we moved to this area from out of state last summer, and it was tricky finding a daycare on short notice. We found one we LOVED but the waitlist was going to possibly be a year. So we waitlisted the kids and miraculously got them a spot at another school that we've ended up being really happy with. Now LO1 has gotten off the waitlist and we don't know what to decide. Help!

School A (current):
- familiar, we know teachers and admin are great, our kids are adored by everyone, they're really good at responding to feedback and taking our individual direction for each girl
- smaller size (not by a ton)
- have infant classroom that looks great (we will have LO3 starting at ~7mo old next spring, LO1 doesn't start K until fall 2020 so all 3 kids would be together)

- 10 min away from home or work
- tuition slightly more expensive

School B (new school):

- very close to home, 3 min drive (unfortunately not walkable due to the route)
- amazing outdoor space with gardens, animals
- food cooked onsite is locally sourced and looked/smelled delicious
- Reggio Emilio approach which we know and love from our pre-move school
- tuition slightly cheaper

- unknown staff/teacher/admin communication and interaction
- LO2 doesn't have a spot yet, and could be as late as January for her to get a spot
- no infant care, LO3 will need to be 12 mo to start
- the general hassle/transition of switching schools
- a few more holiday closures per year then school A

Both are similar in that they provide meals, have outside of school activities (like playdate events, parents night out, etc), are outdoor focused to get the kids outside as much as they can.

We are really happy with school A right now, I mostly don't want to "fix what isn't broken" and stay with the devil we know. School B just looked so amazing, and is closer and a little cheaper (by probably $150/mo), but I'm worried that if we switch the kids (which would also be a pain with LO2 not having a spot yet, and what to do with a 5 mo gap in care for LO3) if the intangible things like admin/teachers/etc is not as good that we will regret it. And we can't easily switch back. School A usually has a long waitlist, we just got lucky. I just feel like School B looks so fabulous we will be missing out on this great opportunity!

What would you do??