Do you take your LO to daycare if he has a fever?

If your LO has a fever for several days in a row but is very normal / playful otherwise, would you take him/her to daycare?

My LO had his 1 year shots last Friday, and developed a fever on Sunday (102-103 when it first happened), and up until today (the 5th day) he still has a mild 100.4F this morning when I took his temperature. He does have a cold, but every single kid in the daycare has the exact same symptoms (other than I am not sure if they have a fever). He's very normal and playful otherwise. I must confess for I did take him to daycare except yesterday. Since it is probably vaccine-related the daycare is OK with him coming in.

I just wonder... how can anyone afford to stay home with the sick child for a week... and kids don't just get sick one time in a year?

What would you do ?