My 10 month old has become a bit of a paci addict over the last week or two. First we were on vacation then she got sick with an ear infection and virus and was home with one of us and super fussy from not feeling well, so we've been pretty free with the paci.

Daycare told us a few weeks ago they were restricting paci use because the babies kept stealing them from each other. OK, sure.

Today DH picked her up from daycare and they said she was super fussy all day and only happy when they gave her the paci so they kept putting her in the crib since that's the only place she can have it.

On one hand I get it - less germ sharing the better. But on the other hand I'm upset that it seems like she spent an inordinate amount of time in the crib today because the teachers couldn't run interference. I also feel really bad because she's still not totally herself and I had to send her to daycare instead of having her at home where I could spoil her all day.