This is a dumb question. I have been using 2 igloo insulated tote bags to cart my kiddos' food to daycare. ( I wanted something insulated originally for transporting their bottles, and now I like the insulated tote because their fruit/milks stay cold on our drive to daycare and I can load this same tote up if we are going out and need food (out to dinner at someone's house and I bring a selection of food and the kids' milks).

I just recently followed suit with all the other parents and am leaving a bag at daycare for the teachers to load up with the empty containers as the day goes on. Every other parent does this - I just never did and instead would fish out their containers and cups from the cubby at pick up.

WELL. The teachers rinse their cups most days and their plastic containers every day. So then the wet stuff goes into my bag and festers until pickup. After a week - the bag smells horribly of spoiled milk and I can't seem to fix it. After a good year and a half, I am okay buying a new one. But I want to buy something that isn't going to stink after a week. Preferably something I can toss in the laundry once a week or once every two weeks.....

Then I stumbled onto this bag:

Do you think Neoprene will get stinky from spilled milk drops? Do you think it will get perma-stinky?

My DH wants me to switch to something like this: