LO (19 mo) is starting daycare at the beginning of March. I will probably do most of the drop-offs, and DH will probably do most of the pick-ups. We have one car seat, and we each have a car seat base installed in our separate cars. The daycare is on my way to work. It would be a minor PITA to turn back around to drop the carseat at home after doing dropoffs on the days that DH is doing pickup. Is it okay (and is it typical) just to leave the car seat at daycare, or do we invest in a second car seat? I feel like such a daycare newbie! Most families must deal with this issue, but I have no idea what is the norm. Car seats are such clunky items; I don't want the daycare to be irritated with us if we leave ours there for the day and take up precious space. Thanks!!